Supermat Dirt Trap Matting

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· Cut Pile Nylon Coarse Olefin surface baked onto 100% nitrile rubber

· Product code: DMSM03

Product Info

· A cut-pile nylon & coarse olefin surface with a strong scraping action

· 100% Nitrile rubber base and edging

· 5mm thick

· Standard size: 0.85m x 1.5m and can be joined to create custom sizes

· Colour: Black Pearl

Unique Features

· Washable product – easy maintenance.

· Can withstand heavy foot traffic.

· Removes dirt from shoes and absorbs moisture


· Fully washable.

· Two year guarantee against manufacturing defects.


· Indoor

· High traffic areas

· Hotels

· Shopping Centres

· Airports

· Commercial buildings


General every day cleaning by means of vacuuming should be practised. Should the mat be stained however, any suitable diluted detergent with a light nylon brush may be used and the mat hosed down with clean water after such cleaning. Do not use harsh, ammonia based or concentrated cleaning agents e.g. Handy Andy, Jik The mat may then be hung up and should drip dry.