PVC Interlocking Tiles – Open Interlock

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Interlocking Floor Tiles

The major benefits of installing industrial matting is floor preservation and the creation of a safe, non-slip walking area. The interlocking tiles are a great alternative to epoxy, tiled or laminated flooring as they will not crack or break under pressure. So whether it’s parking your ride, getting in shape, walking across the office for that much needed cup of coffee, you will need a floor to do it on, a floor that is stable and won’t cause you to slip and spill that precious cup of jo.



· 500 x 500 x 5 mm PVC interlocking floor tiles with medallion non-slip finish

· Product code: DMMT05

Product Info

· 500mm x 500mm x 5mm Open Interlock

· Heavy duty PVC

· Colours: Black; Blue; Grey; Green; Yellow; Red

· Black available ex-stock

· Colours available in minimum order quantities of 50sqm

Unique Features

· Non-Slip

· Impact resistant

· Flame resistant (self extinguishing)

· Good thermal & acoustic properties

· Stain resistant

· Chemical resistant

· Non-static


· Easily installed and removed

· No adhesive needed

· Edging strips available


· Home Garages

· Industrial workshops

· Tyre fitment centres

· Offices

· Show rooms


· Tiles can be swept and washed with any commercially available floor cleaning detergent