Kleen – Scrape Non – Slip Rubber Matting

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Non-Slip Rubber Matting

Keeping your feet firmly on the ground is easy with our range of non-slip rubber mats. Moulded, neat appearance and made of 100% nitrile rubber for assured quality and durability.

A practical solution for removing dirt from your shoes and containing liquid spillages, they also act as anti-fatigue mats alleviating strain placed on joints, back and feet for those who work mostly in a standing position for long periods of time.

As the mats are made from rubber they also offer insulation against cold floors.



· 100% Nitrile rubber chevron patterned and bordered non-slip anti-fatigue

· Product Code: DMKS03

Product Info

· Made from 100% Nitrile Rubber

· Chevron patterned cushioned cleats on surface

· Various Standard Sizes: 75 x 45cm; 150 x 90cm; 150 x 120cm /

150 x 180cm; 300 x 90cm; 400 x 90cm / 400 x 120cm

· Mat thickness: 5mm

· Colour: Black

Unique Features

· Moulded recess well to trap dirt and moisture

· Containment border all around the edges to contain dirt and moisture until cleaning

· Cushioning cleats on surface to fight fatigue

· Nitrile rubber is hard wearing, non-slip and lays flat

· Hosed down with water for easy maintenance

· Detergent can be used for stubborn dirt


· Longevity: 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects

· Takes the strain off legs and feet

· Non-slip and won’t stain the floor


· Indoor or outdoor

· Factories

· Behind counters

· Patios

· Entrances to buildings


· The mat is easily cleaned by hosing down or for stubborn dirt, a diluted detergent and light nylon scrubbing brush may be used

· Do not use harsh, ammonia based or concentrated cleaning agents,

e.g. Handy Andy, Jik