Industrial Duckboard

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Interlocking Floor Tiles

The major benefits of installing industrial matting is floor preservation and the creation of a safe, non-slip walking area. The interlocking tiles are a great alternative to epoxy, tiled or laminated flooring as they will not crack or break under pressure. So whether it’s parking your ride, getting in shape, walking across the office for that much needed cup of coffee, you will need a floor to do it on, a floor that is stable and won’t cause you to slip and spill that precious cup of jo.


· 450 x 450 x 18mm Open surface PVC interlocking non-slip duckboard

· Product code: DMDB18

Product Info

· Open PVC Tiles

· Tile Dimensions: 450mm x 450mm x 18mm

· Inter-locking.

· Colour Tiles: Black

Unique Features

· Non-slip

· Allow for drainage

· Dirt falls through

· Modular Product – clip together tiles can be made up into any size

· Extremely hardwearing for industrial applications

· Washable product – easy maintenance


· Tiles can be lifted for easy maintenance

· Removable for re-installing


· Indoor

· Walk in fridges

· Showers

· Change rooms

· Industrial work areas

· Around machinery


· The mat is easily cleaned by hosing down or for stubborn dirt, a diluted detergent and light nylon scrubbing brush or mop may be used

· Tiles should be lifted and granular dirt build up removed by sweeping or vacuuming