Designa Mat Recess Matting

Product ID: 822 Category:
· Moulded Modular PVC Tiles with Carpet Filler Strips
· Product Code: DMRM14
Product Info
· Moulded PVC Tiles
· Available with or without carpet filler strips
· Open grid pattern on non-inlay portion of tile
· Tile Dimensions: 45cm x 30cm x 14mm
· Inter-locking
· Available Colours:
· Colour Tiles: Black
· Carpet Strips Colours: Charcoal (In picture)
· Other colours: Chocolate; Brown; Midnight; Blue; Cherry; Grey; Green
· Alternative filler strips:
a) Cut-pile nylon, rubber backed matting b) Supermat,
polypropylene and nylon rubber backed matting (available at extra cost)
Unique Features
· Moulded PVC grid matting – moulded PVC is less likely to shrink
than extruded PVC
· ALL-IN-ONE :Dirt & mud knocked off & moisture & grease absorbed
· Suitable for use in recesses. Is easily cut in on site with a Stanley blade
· Modular Product – clip together tiles can be made up into any size
· Washable product – easy maintenance
· Can withstand shopping trolleys & heavy foot traffic
· Longevity: 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects
· Filler strips can be re-furbished
· ALL-IN-ONE: Dirt & mud knocked off & moisture absorbed
· Indoor
· High traffic areas
· Shopping Centres
· Airports
· Commercial buildings
· The mat is easily cleaned by vacuuming or for stubborn dirt,
a diluted detergent and light nylon scrubbing brush or mop may be used
· Mat should be lifted and granular dirt build up removed by sweeping
or vacuuming.