The Benefit of Mats in Retail, Commercial and Industrial Facilities September 9, 2016 – Posted in: Mats

Entrance mats are an essential part of any building. Let’s look at how mats are used to benefit buildings in the retail, commercial, industrial and domestic sectors. In retail environments, shops use branded mats at their entrances to draw clients attention to the company logo & draw their eyes into the store. Soft cut pile mats also make the entrance appear welcoming and may even include a “Welcome to” or “Welcomes You” message above or below the company logo. Use of stylised cursive fonts can add a personal “handwritten touch” to the welcome. If a store is located inside a mall, it’s dirt trapping benefits are secondary to it’s value in promoting the brand and creating a “soft decorative touch” in the entrance.


Due to the high volume of pedestrians & trolleys in the entrances of retail and commercial buildings, mats recesses are the prefered installation method, in order to achieve a mat surface which is level with the floor. We have done ongoing work for facilities/property management companies like Broll Properties, Growthpoint and Liberty Group. Products like our Designa Mat entrance mats & Wayfarer vinyl loop mats are popular choices in areas with high foor traffic. These products are both 14mm thick, they are flexible and lay flat easily, making them easy for maintenance staff to pick up and clean. Both these mats capture & hide dirt under the surface of the mat, preventing the dirt from simply being tracked into the facility.


In addition to recess mats, we advice the use of wet weather mats. These are roll up / roll out mats which are useful in trapping the water tracked in during rainy weather. While we can custom make almost any size wet weather mat 3m and 4.2m are polular lengths, 0.9m, 1.2m and 1.5m are popular widths. After the rainy weather clears up, these mats are rolled up and allowed to dry outside, then stored. Ask our consultant to tell you more about Supermat, Ruff Shod and Iron Horse mats or find them on our product page.


In industrial facilities a two fold approach is needed, to combat dirt tracked into the buildings from the outside and to prevent dirt/oils/grease from being tracked into offices from the workshop/factory. Here a cut pile nylon mat like the Iron Horse mat is an ideal candidate for the job. These tough no nonsense mats are volcanised onto a nitrile rubber backing, making them very durable. A big plus factor, is that these mats can also be laundered, thus reducing the turn around time between dirty mats being removed from the floor and being put back in place. To avoid dirt being tracked in while a mat is off the floor being cleaned, in certain areas it will be necessary to have a second set of mats which can be rotated, to ensure consistent, unbroken service.