Quality and Function of Matting September 9, 2016 – Posted in: Mats

Matting will protect floor surfaces from becoming scuffed & scratched from abrasive dirt being tracked in under shoes. Studies show that in wet weather, up to 12 times as much dirt can be tracked in, our mats keep all of these unwanted elements out of your building or establishment & therefore save on cleaning & maintenance costs.

A mat needs to offer two important functions, it must be able to efficiently trap dirt/dust and be easily cleaned. Designa Mat offers a large range of mats to satisfy specific needs, cotton pile mats to dry feet, nylon pile mats for grease, open slatted and vinyl loop mats to capture granular dirt.

One of the first items noticed when someone walks through an entrance to a building is the mat, whether plain or branded, it catches the eye, proving that matting adds to the aesthetics of any establishment while still having the practical elements mentioned above.

Matting should not move around on the floor nor should it be an obstacle or trip hazard to anyone walking over the matting, with our nitrile rubber backing and edging, these important characteristics are achieved.

Durability is an important quality, as the mat needs to take the punishment of many feet walking over it, including the tough scraping action of shoes. All mats are not created equal, at Designa Mat we offer matting products that have stood the test of time & are backed up with a warranty.

Many of our mats use 100% nitrile rubber for the backing and edging. The rubber is vulcanised into the mat during manufacture, this makes it into a one piece product that will not delaminate or fray at the edges. This is a far superior method to using adhesives. The rubber backing & edging also makes the mat extremely durable and allows the mat to stay in place when laid on the floor. The rubber edging allows for people to walk over the mat without tripping on it and also gives the mat a neat appearance.

All of our mats are aesthetically pleasing and even more so when branded with company logos or even personal artwork and messages. We offer printed and hand crafted logo mats, we will advise on the best option based upon seeing the required artwork and where the mats will be used.

The importance of having matting at entrances cannot be overstated, from the practical to aesthetic qualities, you will be happy with the advice and matting solution that Designa Mat has offered.