PROMOTIONAL COUNTER MATS September 9, 2016 – Posted in: Mats

Exciting, vivid, strong and attention grabbing are a few words you might use to describe your business or brand, we would use these same words to describe the Designa Mat promotional / point os sale, range of counter mats – that enhance any brand.

We offer counter mats with various finishes for multiple uses, all of them give a clear rendering of the required branding.

All of our promotional counter mats are made from nitrile rubber which is non-slip, flexible, tough and resilient, two finishes are available which have a slighly different appeal & function, both show off high definition, digital branding. We’ll explain the difference between the two types of bar counter mats below.

Wet Stop Mats


The Wet Stop Bar Mats by Designa Mat work very well on counter or bar tops, they are rubber backed and edged to keep them from sliding around. The polyester wear surface absorbs moisture, this is useful when condensation from a glass runs off onto the mat. The wet stop mats display a superb rendering of the branding.

  • Colourful photo quality prints on a polyester surface backed and edged with 100% Nitrile Rubber
  • A computerized process ensures that not only are the mats printed to spec but they are also cut accurately and swiftly to size
  • Standard sizes: 23cm x 45cm & 25cm x 89cm
  • Also available in custom sizes
  • Maximum size: 85cm x 120cm
  • Minimum quantities apply

Rubber Drip Mats


Our Rubber Drip Mats are made from nitrile rubber using custom made silicone mould. This process means we can provide a custom profiled rubber backing, with a vivid printed logo shaped around the branded portion. This not only gives the background a texture, to drain the moisture but make it an attractive, unique element of the mat design. Logos are digitally printed, cut to shape and vulcanised onto the rubber base, a heavy duty transparent plastic is overlaid on the logo portion to protect it from wear and tear. The mats are moulded in such a way that they have a containment border around them, preventing any moisture from running off the mat.

  • Photo quality full colour digital print , moulded into a 100% nitrile rubber backing
  • Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Standard sizes: 46cm x 16cm; 47cm x 25cm; 91cm x 27cm
  • Custom sizes are avilable
  • Minimum quantities apply

Digi Mat


  • Photo quality digital print with a hard wearing plastic overlay and vulcanized onto a nitrile rubber backing
  • Thickness; 1.25mm; 1.75mm; 3.5mm
  • Any size up to 1.3m x 1.5m
  • Minimum quantities apply


Artwork and sample

In order for us to provide a product that shows off clear, high resolution branding, we need the final artwork in a format like Coral Draw, PDF, Adobe Illustrator etc. Upon receiving the artwork we will render a digital layout of the mat, showing the exact positioning and colours of the artwork.

Once the layout is approved, the next step is the sample process, which applies to all of the products mentioned in this blog. A small physical sample will be manufactured, with the actual colours & layout and this will be delivered via our door to door courier service. This serves as a safety mechanism so the client is completely satisfied with all physical aspects of the product, before the full order goes into production. All of this is included in the initial quotation.