Nylon used in Matting September 9, 2016 – Posted in: Mats

Nylon is a synthetic material first produced in 1935 and has become one of the most popular synthetic materials used today. Due to the unique characteristics of nylon it is a perfect material for matting surfaces, used in fibre form either as a cut or loop pile.

Some of the most important characteristics our outlined below, this gives a good understanding of the synthetic material and the reasons for its use in matting.

Nylon is an extremely resilient material, when the mats are subjected to foot traffic, the pile is compressed for a short period of time under pressure and then returns to its upright appearance. This is an important property, especially in matting products, as the mat needs to maintain its practical and aesthetic properties. The mats are soft and plush, this makes the mats comfortable to walk on as well as absorbent to water tracked in under shoes & on trolly wheels.

Due to its great resistance to abrasion, nylon surfaced mats can take a large amount of foot traffic, this property also allows the mat to knock dirt and grime off the shoe very effectively, preventing these elements from entering the building. This makes the matting perfect for use in entrances in schools, offices, retail stores, shopping centres and even homes.

Two wonderful aesthetic qualities of nylon are its superior colourfastness and resistance to fading. Some colours are achieved through a dye process, the dyes penetrate deeply into the fibres and hold their vibrancy in terms of colours. Our Ironhorse mats utilise a solution dyed fibre, so the colour runs all the way through each fibre. The colourfastness also allows the Designa Mat cut pile nylon mats to be easy maintenance items, purely due to the fact that they can be laundered, vacuumed or shaken out and still maintain an excellent colour representation.

Nylon dries fast, does not shrink and is also highly resistant to mould, mildew and many chemicals. Although the synthetic fabric itself has a resistance to many chemicals, the dye used to colour it does not, it is therefore recommended that cleaning detergents like those used on clothing be used to take off any marks or stubborn dirt. Do not use cleaning detergents that have an ammonia base such as Handy andy or bleaches.

Mats with a cut pile nylon surface have a very low resistance to sunlight, the nylon is weakened by constant exposure to UV and they are therefore are not recommended for outdoor use.

Nylon does not burn, it melts, having said this, the melting point is extremely high, this property allows us to bake the cut pile nylon surface into the rubber backing assuring a strong bond and adds to the durability of the mats.