Matting for Industrial Applications September 9, 2016 – Posted in: Mats

Designa Mat offers various types of matting and flooring for industrial applications. Due to the nature of industrial environments, matting and flooring used needs to be extremely durable and easy to clean and maintain.

The closed PVC or rubber interlocking tiles work very well as a wall to wall application or in demarcated areas around machinery and in work stations. The interlocking tiles have many qualities and practical benefits that are required in industrial areas, they are hard wearing and can take high foot traffic and impact from falling tools, equipment and parts. They are a great alternative to epoxy coated floors as they do not chip or flake, are not affected by damp and can also be lifted and reused in other appropriate areas. The interlocking tiles are easily cleaned using regular or industrial strength floor cleaning detergents. A textured finish in either raised medallion or leathergrain allows the tiles to be non-slip, the tiles interlock tightly so no curling of edges occur, preventing any tripping or injury. A tapered interlocking edging trim is available to finish the tile in areas where they are not cut up against a wall. These edges also prevent dirt accumulating in the interlocking lugs.

Our range of open PVC tiles are perfect for areas where drainage is needed due to dripping or flowing water on a production line. Designa Mat offers 10mm tiles which are great for areas where there is a shallow water flow or occasional dripping on the floor and 18mm thick tiles which work very well in areas that may have a deeper more constant flow of water or fluids. The open PVC tiles are also non-slip, even when moisture is present, the 10mm tiles have raised feet and the 18mm tiles have open channels in the base, this allows for water to flow under and through, preventing pooling.

Designa Mat recommends the use of anti-fatigue mats in industrial areas where staff need to stand for long hours on hard factory or production line floors. Our anti-fatigue mats take pressure and strain off of feet, ankles, legs and back, they also help with circulation and offer thermal insulation against cold floors. We offer anti-fatigue mats made from a 100% nitrile rubber and foam blend as well as foam rubber with a PVC shell, all have a non-slip surface and base keeping the mat in place and preventing accidents. If an oil spill occurs on the mats, it should be mopped up immediately, then cleaned with a suitable degreasing agent, rinsed off and allowed to dry. Any floor surface can become slippery due to the presence of oils, grease & lubricating agents, a non-slip mat is not a substitue for proper maintenenace.

A great way to prevent dirt, grease, oil etc. from being tracked into office areas from factory and shop floors is to make use of the Iron Horse cut pile nylon mats, these have been used very successfully at factories like Volkswagen and Ford. The residue from shoes gets brushed off and is trapped in the pile of the matting. In order for the mats to remain effective at all times, it is recommended that two mats per area be used on a rotational basis. The Iron Horse mats are made to be laundered and can be washed and tumble dried in industrial size machines.