Loose Laid Mats September 9, 2016 – Posted in: Mats

Loose laid mats are placed directly onto the floor surface, be it tiles, laminate, concrete or carpet. Our rubber backed mats are available with two different backings, which backing should be used is determined by the kind of floor finish the mat will be laid on. A smooth rubber backing should be used on hard floor surfaces and a cleated rubber backing should be used on carpeted surfaces with a loop pile. The cleats consist of thousands of tiny rubber grippers that vastly increase the drag on the carpet, this helps to keep the mat in position. A cut pile carpet is problematic for any kind of mat, this is because the carpet pile tends to lean in a particular direction causing the mat to creep. A non-slip mesh underlay can be used on cut pile carpets to assist in keeping the mat in place but it should be accepted that the mat will have to regulary be dragged back into position.


Loose laid mats like the Iron Horse, Wash Horse and Rough Shod work very effectively as wet weather mats. They can be placed indoors, after recessed mats on rainy days to absorb moisture from shoes and prevent slipping on tiles, they can then be rolled up and stored.


The Sentinel loose laid mat can be used at entrances that do not have recesses but have trolley traffic, these mats are very tough and can withstand the constant in and out of trolley traffic and due to their firm construction will not ruck under the pressure.


These mats are usually between 3mm and 5mm thick and have rubber edging all around to prevent tripping and give a neat, finished appearance. Loose laid mats are offered in standard and custom sizes, allowing for sufficient coverage depending on the requirements in the specific area. It is important to choose the right size for the required application, too small and the mat becomes less effective, too big and the mat becomes difficult to move when it needs to be cleaned.

The mat should ideally take up the entire width of the door opening, even extending slightly, it should allow for a minimum of two steps across, the more steps that are taken on the mat the more dust, dirt and moisture will be taken off the shoe.


A loose laid mat should be vacuumed or shaken out on a regular basis, as it traps dirt extremely quickly, especially in areas where doors are opened often or doors that stay open. For stubborn dirt, a light washing detergent mixed with water can be used, we advise that a light nylon brush be used on the dirty areas. The mat is then hung out to dry over a solid horizontal pole or wall to prevent sagging and distortion.